about us

Teatercentrum is a trade and employer organization for the independent professional performing arts. We represent nearly 100 independent theatre companies who carry out 10 000 performances before an audiences of 700 000 people every year.

Teatercentrum is a strong voice nationally, regionally and locally for independent performing arts in Sweden. We work to provide information about the independent performing arts and to promote increased funding and improved conditions for our member theatres in all parts of Sweden. We offer support for members in developing their organizations. 

Teatercentrum has offices in Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg), Malmö and Luleå.



  • connects, markets and sheds limelight on its member theatres
  • champions strong cultural policy and increased funding for its member theatres
  • promotes contract and employment issues and assists members in these areas
  • enhances independent performance art through meetings and professional development.


Teatercentrum is part of several local, national and international networks is represented on several boards collaborates with sister organizations of other art forms collaborates with other trade organizations creates opportunities for our members to network in and influence all fields of culture – artistically as well as politically.


Teatercentrum offers its member organizations a wide range of administrative support, including general advice, education issues and trade specific collective agreements. Teatercentrum negotiates with Teaterförbundet för scen och film (The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film) and strikes collective agreements for employees at professional independent theatres in Sweden. We also offer member theatres support in their employers’ role, in member forums and networks on national, regional and local levels. We also offer professional development in the form of courses, seminars and organizational tools.


Teatercentrum is the voice of the independent theatres in the political sphere. We take part in debates, seminars, co-operative and other forums that we deem essential for the stability and development of the performing arts. Our close contact with our members gives us a detailed and up-to-date knowledge about professional independent theatre life in Sweden. 

It is a core issue for Teatercentrum that independent professional performing arts are vigorously supported and made accessible all over Sweden. 

Teatercentrum is a referral body for Swedish Government Official Reports in the performing arts field as well as for regional cultural planning. 

From 2014 Teatercentrum, together with Danscentrum and Teaterförbundet för scen och film, have been promoting a Call for the Independent Performing Arts, to double the public grant, defend artistic freedom, make performing arts available to all children and youth, while improving the living conditions for professionals in this sector.


In addition to being an employers’ organization, Teatercentrum also has a mission to promote the programming of its member theatres. We do this through networking, collaboration with organizers, schools, local councils etc., and also by arranging festivals, showcases and meetings for organizers and producers. Stjärnkalaset (The Star Party) was launched in Stockholm more than ten years ago and today there is also Stjärnkalaset West (in Gothenburg) as well as Stjärnkalaset South (in Malmö).


Current Offer is a tool for you, if you are interested in hiring performances. Here you can view performances and workshops from nearly 100 independent theatres all over Sweden. Performances are presented to you with a seven minute video, filmed straight up front, as though you were sitting in the audience. Many performances for children and youth come with suggestions on how you can integrate the theatre experience into your teaching and how it might be connected to the school curriculum. Since all the performances presented here contain copyrighted material you will need a password for access. Contact Teatercentrum to obtain a password.


Teatercentrum regularly provides opportunities for professional development to all members. We offer workshops, seminars, member forums, theatre networks and know-how interchange, across Sweden as well as internationally. We strive to collaborate with other organizations within the performing arts field. Professional and artistic development is crucial for increasing and maintaining our members’ ability to earn a living wage by their art form.