Broken Biscuits by Tom Wells 

Directed by Kristina Brändén Whitaker 
A hilarious, heart-warming and beautiful coming-of-age tale for our times! A play that everyone can relate to regardless of age. 16-year-olds Megan, Ben and Holly are definitely not the cool kids. But Megan has a plan. One long summer holiday to change their lives. One sure path to coolness. And there’s nothing cooler than being in a band. 

”The point is: we’re losers. Nobodies. Carry on like this, we’re losers forever. And we don’t have to be. Fresh start, two months to completely one hundred per cent reinvent ourselves. And I know exactly how we can do that.” 
GEST is delighted to be the first to produce this brand new gem of a play following on from its original production that has just finished touring in England. 

10 March – 12 April at GEST 

Tickets are available HERE or via telephone 031 368 32 99